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I am now wondering why I hadn’t aimed so high before

- Aalto Fellow ‘18


where can I intern for Aalto fellows?

The companies applicable to Aalto Fellows are: venture-backed high growth startups, venture capital funds, for profit accelerator and corporate venturing programs. The company has to commit to hosting one workshop during the summer and to letting you participate and fully commit to the course events (internships, workshops, and the study trip). If you are unsure of a company, check with Josefiina or Ghita!

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Is there a fixed salary for AF internships?

No. We recommend the employers to pay TEK / Sefe recommended salary levels, but at the end the negotiations are done between the applicant and the employer. 

Is the job full-time?

Yes. The requirement is a minimum of 3 months full time work at your company during the summer. Keep in mind that you’ll be spending Wednesday afternoons at workshops from 3 pm onwards throughout the summer.

Can I work abroad? 

Attending the workshops during the summer is mandatory and part of the course evaluation. You also have to arrange a workshop at your company to other students  on the course. For these reasons, working in a startup abroad is practically impossible. 

What if I can not attend the lectures and workshops? 

Lectures are mandatory. As the group size will be limited to 12 students and the level of guest lecturers is very high we cannot allow absences in general. In case of double bookings (e.g. exams) absences are granted on a case-by-case basis. Kindly contact Josefiina asap, with your own suggestion on how to make up for your absence.

How do I leverage Aalto Fellows in my job applications? 

Once you have passed the first application round as a top Aalto student you can definitely mention that. The workshop is also an opportunity for the company to have 12 bright students working on a problem important to them during one afternoon. The course staff can also help out with selecting the right companies to apply for.

How much time should I reserve for the course? 

During the intensive weeks we recommend that you do not have any other commitments, the days are intense, and you are also expected to start planning the study trip with your fellow students. During the summer you should reserve time for the workshops (2 - 4 hours each week) and time for preparing the study trip. This can take surprisingly much time,  and is likely to require you to get together as a group during some of the weekends. 

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