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Ghita is passionate about making the world more connected. With one foot firmly in academia and the other in the Nordic startup ecosystem, she has a unique perspective on uniting the two worlds. Due to her background in systems engineering, she ultimately views Aalto Fellows as a systems course presenting different functions and viewpoints from the startup ecosystem and leaving it to the students to piece it together.

Being able to create an experience last year, where many Fellows felt that their learnings extended far beyond the course contents was one of the most gratifying experiences she’s had. It is a privilege to support people in such transformative processes and she is eager to make the 2019 program even better. She hopes to leverage the program to build lasting connections between brilliant students around the world. After all, a strong truly international network is the most valuable gift you can give any aspiring entrepreneur.

Josefiina is driving change in the Nordic tech ecosystem, both as an investor and thought leader. She loves learning about new technologies and turning those into solutions that can change the way we live. She craves challenges that test her limits and believes that a great team with a crazy vision can achieve anything.

She is currently finishing up her studies at the School of Business, working for a Helsinki based VC and helping out with many student initiatives. She sees Aalto Fellows as an opportunity to give entrepreneurial minded people an understanding of why academic studies are important, and academically focused students a view of what the entrepreneurial mindset really means. She hopes to infect all students with the ambition level they should have and make them ask the question “why didn’t I reach so high before?”.

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Josefiina Kotilainen

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Ghita’s efforts made the course much more important to me than just the learnings.

– Aalto Fellow ‘18