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Do you want to become the next Steve Jobs? Then this is not the course for you. Steve Jobs was not looking to become the next anything –neither should you. We want to help you become the best version of yourself, and help you leverage startup ecosystems on a systemic level. Entrepreneurship is about attitude but it also boils down to understanding enough about the status quo to disrupt it. Our aim is to guide you through the current structures in the startup world to allow you to build your wildest dreams.

The Aalto Fellows Program is a six-month study and work program designed to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of entrepreneurship. Whether you are completely new to the startup world, or have been immersed in it for years, you are guaranteed to learn a lot. The application for 2020 opens in January! Sign up to get notified when the application opens by clicking the button to the right.


Aalto Fellows | Class of 2019


10 credits

Aalto Fellows is a 10 credit program consisting of two courses: Aalto Fellows, TU-E4110, 5 credits, and Aalto Fellows II TU-E4120, 5 credits. The courses are only offered as a package deal consisting of the intensive weeks, the internship and the study trip to the 12 students selected through the application process. We’re looking forward to your application!

The intensive weeks

The intensive weeks with around 40 guest lecturers will be held on May 18–29.

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The internship

All Fellows will work for a startup or VC during the summer.

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The study trip

The last part of the course is a study trip to a startup hub. The study trip will be after the summer.

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